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RDK Group is a leader in clear and concise communications. Our translators are equipped to handle either the most standard of texts or the most esoteric of subjects. Read more >


RDK Group’s professional language interpreting services can help any organization communicate with non-Lao speakers across any variety of situations. Read more >

Business Consulting

Many foreign companies wish to set up operations in Laos. RDK Group has the right connections to make this a reality in the shortest time possible. Read more >

Document Processing

RDK Group can assist in providing foreign workers with the right documentation to legally live and work in Laos. Read more >

Publishing & Design

RDK Group is the chosen publisher of Champa Meuanglao, the official inflight magazine of Lao Airlines. Read more >

Online Media

With a deep interest in development of online news media in Laos, RDK Group is the fully licensed publisher of a suite of news and entertainment websites.


Champa Meuanglao


The Laotian Times

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